FAQ - 逃出香港 Freeing HK - 真人密室逃脫遊戲 | Freeing HK 逃出香港 - 真人密室逃脫遊戲

Booking matters:

Q1. Phone reservation available?

A1. Yes, but we suggest you should give priority to online booking since most of the booking can be reserved.

Q2. Why is my email address not available for booking?

A2. Your email address may have been used. If you failed to enter the old password, try use a new email address.

Q3. How to change the booking time or number of participants after the reservation done?

A3. Please contact us through our hotline as soon as possible.

Q4. We only have 2 participants while the maximum participants of the theme is 6. Can we play the game without others?

A4. There is a chance that you would play with other group if the theme is not full. However, if no other reservations are made, you two can play independently.

Q5. If only 2 participants to play a room required  4-6 people, will it become more difficult?

A5. The maximum participants depends on the room size which is not related to difficulty.

Q6. Should I pay the fee after the reservation?

A6. After receiving confirmation email, kindly pay at our branch before the game starts.

Q7. Can I make a booking one month in advance?

A7. Sorry, we can only make a booking within 14 days.

Q8. I would like to use coupon, how to use it?

A8. If you would like to use coupon, please print it out and show it to our staff before you pay. The utilization of all coupon is subjected to the terms and conditions stated on it and is entitled for the final decision upon them.

Q9. Is there any English Version room?

A9. We provide several English themed rooms. You can get more information through our website.

Game matters:

Q1: What is the favourable age for the game?

A1: Participants over 12 years old are recommended. Children aged 6-11 should be accompanied by adults.

Q2: How should we deal with our baggage?

A2: Lockers are provided.

Q3: Is credit card or EPS payment available?

A3: Only cash is accepted at the moment.

Q4: Can I bring along with my hand-holding baby to the game room?

A4: Hand-holding baby is not allowed to enter the game room and no infant care service is provided. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Q5: Are there any people bluffing us in the rooms?

A5: There will be no staff in the rooms bluffing the participants.

Q6: Can we seek for advice if we cannot solve the riddle? Will there be any explanation after the game?

A6: Generally there will be one chance to seek for advice. There will be someone explaining in the end, therefore you are not allowed to play in the same room twice.

Q7: What should I do if I do not feel well during the game?

A7: There is an alarm button in every room. Staff would arrive promptly once the button is pressed.

Address and Phone

Mong Kok:
西洋菜南街1A-1K 百寶利商業中心4樓
電話: 2711 1785

Mong Kok 2:
電話: 2711 1743

Causeway Bay:
電話: 2711 1791

360 ° Virtual Reality:

Opening Hours

Mong Kok

Mon - Sun

11:00 - 24:00

Causeway Bay

Mon - Sun

12:00: - 24:00